Our Story

Welcome to Story Wild Studios!

Hi! I’m Jacinda Cote, founder of Story Wild Studios, lover of stories, puns, mugs, and all the things that go in them.

very life is a story, waiting to be shared. Each chapter marked by creative aspirations or inside jokes between best friends; by heartfelt well wishes or potty-mouthed puns. Story Wild Studios sprung into existence because of these stories and my desire to foster genuine connection in a society sometimes lost in the digital world.

I aim to connect the stories of others by creating custom products that mean more to their owners than mass produced merchandise. Things that tell the stories like those of a favorite family christmas movie remembered, of best friends far apart but close in heart, or of the memories of grandpa’s lake. 

At Story Wild Studios I encourage you to Be Your Own Wild and embrace your story, no matter how imperfect it may be.