Zero Fox Given 16 oz Travel Mug
Lettered GLass

Zero Fox Given 16 oz Travel Mug

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Not only is the fox on this mug adorable but now you can show the world how little you care but without swearing in front of the children or your boss.... AND take it on the road! Triple Threat achieved!

NEW in a 16oz Travel Mug!

Every mug is hand pressed in our studio in Edmonton.

We use the best sublimation inks and mugs available to ensure our mugs are created with superior quality. This allows a clear, sharp print that won’t peel or scratch off!

• Design is permanently printed on BOTH side of the Mug
• Each mug is custom made to order
• Made from food grade 304 stainless steel
• Hand Wash to protect insulation 
• The vacuum insulated thermal bottle is rated 12 hours for hot liquids and 24       hours for cold liquids.
• Large 16oz mug size

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